JVC R-S33 Super A Receiver

Sold for: $200


A sweet little receiver putting out 40 watts per channel at 8 ohms, both channels driven, 0.007% THD, 20-20,000Hz. JVC’s Super A is defined as offering “the distortion-free sound of a class-A amp, and the efficiency of a class-B amp.”
Aesthetics are almost as important as operation when it comes to vintage hi fi. This one was in particularly nice condition so easy to move on.

Sound-wise, this machine is nothing special, but there’s not too much wrong with it either. Having said that, I’m not overly fond of slide controls on any amplifiers. The volume control is not well graduated, in that it gets loud very quickly and you find yourself making micro adjustments to get a comfortable listening level. The SEA equalizer can also be problematic and two of the sliders on this one needed to be fixed before sale. Very good tuner and it all looks brilliant at night. Finally, there’s no plastic here — it’s an all aluminium faceplate.


5 band SEA Graphic Equalizer
Power Level LEDs
Analogue AM/FM tuner with heavily weighted tuning knob.
Input connections for: AM, FM, Phono/Tape1 Aux/ Tape2
Speakers: A, B, A+B
Dimensions: 420w x 120h x 350d
Weight: 8.8kgs



7 Comments on “JVC R-S33 Super A Receiver”

  1. Anonymous says:

    nice pics, i still have mine which i brought in 1983. After 27 years these are still working fine but as you say teh sliders get worse over time, lights stop working in dial display..but great old machines.

    • Duffster says:

      Yes, but the good thing about this old solid state gear is that it can mostly be repaired — you just need to find someone in your area to do it!

  2. BC says:

    Sold for more like $400. I bought mine new in 1980-81 from saving up mowing lawns as a HS sophomore. Mine ran most of the day for several years through a pair of JVC SK-303s. Yea, my tape deck was a KDD-7. No door, open bay with head cover flip down door, and it was $200. The receiver cost more than the tape deck. My RS-33 had the side panels, and I know were it is with a friend still likely buried in his closet. It finally died on him during the 90s, but he keeps everything. He also still has the tape deck which is very rare because I’ve never seen one on eBay, yet I’ve seen everything else over the years.

    • SANDEEP PADGIL says:

      I also have JVC R-S331 with me and its working still as it was working 18 years ago, I purchased 2nd hand used from Dr P.S.Choudhary’s (ENT) son in indore INDIA. also having AR speakers sat & SONY Turntable lx22 along with , very good gr8 out put.

  3. Hershel gibson says:

    I love this receiver it bring back memery it sound incredable and it look goods

  4. Anonymous says:

    A wonderfull piece of equipment,used to record TDK cassetts,vinly Records and so much more,remind me of the 80S BADLY .Those were the days.MY still runs PERFECT.

  5. Jay says:

    I have same one an sounds better than my sr7009marantz and its louder.the marantz is 125 watts rms i dont understand!

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