Monitor Audio MA-3 Speakers

Literature on one of the greatest speakers ever made. One of my “customers” even offered me a pair of Yamaha NS1000M in exchange for these. I refused…

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6 Comments on “Monitor Audio MA-3 Speakers”

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    • Brian says:

      I have a pair of MA3 Series 2 with the original stands and boxes. I have owned these from new. Nothing i have heard comes close to them.The bass is stunning.They will go to the grave with me!

      • Duffster says:

        I feel the same way. I recently heard a very new pair of large ProAc speakers and, really, they had little more to offer than these babies. I had mine up on stands for a while but never liked it much — I thought they seemed quite weak when lifted off the floor. I do quite often run them with a pair of B&W DM1400 as these go down to 30hz and add a little bass depth while creating simultaneously creating a quite marvellous wall of sound, even at low volumes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had a pair of these for about 10 years, I will never sell them. I am an ex BBC radio studio engineer, and I absolutely love them. Sadly I have burnt out the voice coils in both bass drivers, but managed to find a pair of new unused replacements. Am desperately trying to find someone to re-wind the originals. I have never heard anything better than the MA3s.

    • Duffster says:

      Hmmm, I use a guy down here in NZ who has repaired every speaker I’ve sent to him (he’s rewound 3 tweeters from two different sets of MA3s. I don’t know about the bass drivers but maybe email him to find out. His website is Boland Acoustics.

  3. Joe Bigliogo says:

    An unsung classic loudspeaker. I picked up a pair of MA3s (Mk 1s) a while back. Would anyone happen to know the difference between the MA3 Mk1 and the MK 2? From the outside they look identical. I like the speakers very much but find the treble the weak point… a might glassy and bright. I plan on changing the original Isophon tweeters to Dynaudio D28 IIs.

    I dropped D28 Mk 1s into a friends Monitor Audio MA1s and they match superbly with regard to balance and hand off to the midrange without any need for crossover mods. They are literally a perfect match and I hope the D28 IIs work out the same for the MA3s. I find the D28 treble superior, both smoother and more transparent than the polycarbonate Isophons which are pretty good tweeters but no match for the Dynaudios. Still, both the MA1 and MA3 produce near monitor quality sound albeit with a bit of boxiness common with 70s British loudspeakers.

    I also had a pair of original Kef 105s another phenomenal 70s speakers. While imaging and sound staging is more holographic on the 105s… the MA1s and MA3s are overall lower in coloration and more dynamic and lively sounding. Depending on the music I could prefer one over the other.

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