Pioneer SA-510 Amplifier & TX-410 Tuner

Sold for: $175

Pioneer fluroscan

The value of these amps has been rising dramatically in the last year — they may not be quite up to the impressive solidity of the SA-x800 series but they are still beautifully constructed with brushed aluminium knobs and faceplates, as well as metal cases and bottoms. What they lack is an ability to play A+B speakers, and speakers need to be 6 ohms or more. But if you want an excellent, entry-level piece of vintage gear, then these are as good as it gets. AND, AND, AND, there is the blue fluroscan meters!!!

This set had been kept inside a cabinet all its life and was in mint condition. See here for SA-510 manual & specifications and here for TX-410 manual & specifications.

Rear inputs, back


8 Comments on “Pioneer SA-510 Amplifier & TX-410 Tuner”

  1. […] the original owner. Owners who keep manuals, I find, generally treat their equipment very well and this system was museum quality – there was not a mark, scratch or nick on it […]

  2. […] Pioneer SA-510 Amplifier & TX-410 Tuner […]

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  4. paddy mc fadden says:

    i was wondering if any1 could give me a selling price for my pioneer system,,tuner/tx410 deck/pl100 tape/ct200 amp/sa410. also pioneer glass fronted cabniet..any help would be great as im havin a hard time findin prices..cheers

    • Duffster says:

      Sorry to say that not a huge amount. What you have is pretty much bottom of the line. The cabinet, tapedeck and tuner are only worth maybe $50 total if all in good condition. The amp is maybe another $50 in good condition. Its a nice little amp but it has little power and it doesn’t have the desireable fluro meters.

  5. Really impressed with your manner of publishing really, some thing informs
    me you may be a professional! ! ! !

  6. Edwin Tambala says:

    am looking for a powerful amplifier that can be used with not less than 5 powerful speakers for big public ceremonies like weddings, discos including bass men speakers

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