Kenwood KA-3300D Manual & Specifications

Manual and specifications for the last ever (and possibily the greatest) flagship integrated amplifier that Kenwood produced. See here for a high quality pdf of the manual:  Kenwood KA3300D.


5 Comments on “Kenwood KA-3300D Manual & Specifications”

  1. Greg says:

    I was hoping to see the specs, but I can’t read this. Any chance of getting a better scan? I also have the matching CD player, do you have the specs for that?

    • Duffster says:

      Yes, if you click on the link just before the images, you will get a quality pdf of the entire manual with specs at the end.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ah, didn’t notice that link (or that it is the whole PDF). Thanx. Now to hunt down the service manual in case I need it some day. Also for the CD player. Cheers!

      • Duffster says:

        The service manual is already available online. The major weakness with these amps is the huge amount of pushbutton switches that they have. Not only are they prone to failure, but virtually impossible to fix without replacing (cleaning hasn’t worked on mine). And because these are in interconnected arrays of various sizes, you need to find the entire array. So far, all three of my Tape buttons are acting up, my Aux button is gone, the mute button is dead, and the digital array section is delicate, to say the least. I managed to track down a new 5-button array (phono, tuner, aux, etc) in Canada. I’m on the lookout for a donor unit as the models lower down the chain shared many of the same switch arrays (KA-880d). Its a pity because the rest of the unit is incrediby well built.

  2. Greg says:

    Last I used mine, everything worked well. Sounds like I should keep an eye out for switches. I’m planning on using it as the zone 1 front channel amp (to drive a pair of RTR HPR-12M’s) in a 3+ zone media system. Still deep in the design stage though 🙂

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