Teac A-X750 DC Integrated Amplifier

Sold for: $230

This was Teac’s top-of-the-line integrated amp from the late 1980s. I picked it up from a friendly South African immigrant who was living in a small cow town down the line. Yet again another nice piece of hardware that had its origins outside of NZ. It is also a good example of why I take issue with those who say that ’80s gear was crap. This series of amps—the Teac “DC” amps—can be picked up at bargain prices and they are, in two words, damn fine! They are easily as good as Sony and Yamaha gear from the same era. This amp has a thick, black anodised brushed aluminium fascia  with a layout similar to Yamaha. Other notable features are a midrange tone control, MC & MM positions for turntables, and discrete, separable preamp and power amp stages.

I would heartedly recommended that any new owner get inside the case with some contact cleaner and start giving it the shotgun treatment. On this model, I couldn’t even feel the detented central position on the balance knob until it had been given a good soaking. And don’t forget all the switches!

Soundwise, it’s a bit of a stonker, especially when using the CD Direct setting.


90 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms.
114 watts RMS per channel into 6 ohms.
Weight: 12kgs
Inputs: Phono, CD/VCR, Tuner, Tape 1/DAT, Tape 2
MC & MM Phono Stages
Speakers: A, B, A+B


14 Comments on “Teac A-X750 DC Integrated Amplifier”

  1. Jeff says:

    What is a stonker?

  2. duke says:

    i just bought one cheap but theirs no sound and the lights are on so i no there isn’t a power issue, is there a internal fuse??…..duke ….>>>>

    • Anonymous says:

      All amps have internal fuses but fuses only blow when there is something else wrong that needs to be fixed — just replacing a fuse will not fix the problem. You can test the amp to see if it the pre-amp or power amp section causing trouble. You can do this by pulling out the metal pre-main jumpers on the rear panel then connecting your ipod directly into the “main” inputs. Make sure the volume on the ipod is at 0 when you start playing music, then slowly raise the ipod volume and see if you are getting sound out through the speakers. If you are, then the fault is in the pre-amp. If there is still no sound, the outputs have probably blown.

  3. duke says:

    do i have to buy anything special or is it quick connect sort to speak and wood a pic help yah brother

  4. Anonymous says:

    What did you mean by “stonker”? Thanks.

  5. Ajith KS says:

    Where can I find TEAC AX 750 DC service manual ? Anyone can help me ?

  6. Nat pitt says:

    I picked on up for nothing at the locsl recycling center….grabbed it because it had the mm/mc phono section. Pushing some KEFs… Sounds great! but definitely could use a spray cleaning on the rheostats!

    I used to have Yamahas and NADs…this aint bad at all.

  7. Nat pitt says:

    Any idea how big an aktiv subwoofer wouldmatch the 90w rms?

  8. Hugo Stiegl says:

    Got a nice Ax75 mkll from friend.has original receipt warranty cards and manual. Cost $329 au in 1989. Came with Teac px-500 turntable which cost 279 au. All warranty and manuals as well. Not much use, the turn table is Older than the amp , about 1979. All a bit dusty as has been in storage for many years.

  9. Anonymous says:

    hi, I own the “Teac A-X75 DC Integrated Stereo Amplifier”
    And I have a problem with it… I’m looking for the full schema with the parts value so I can fix it
    I wonder if you have it and if you can send it to my mail address, please
    thank You

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