Grundig V-1000 Amplifer & T-1000 Tuner

Sold for: $325 

I was so looking forward to trying out this pair when I bought them (along with a Grundig turntable & a pair of Wharfedales speakers). All of this gear had had very little use as it had been in storage for many years. Grundig gear is rare on this side of the world, so I was excited about getting my hands on some of that mythical German build quality  and engineering!

Well, they both worked perfectly (after a little contact cleaner on the amp’s volume and balance pots) but, really, what a major disappointment.

These pieces are clunky, quite poorly made in comparison to most of the Japanese gear of the same era, and they are not overly pleasant to listen to. The amplifier weighs in at 10 kgs, has a massive transformer but is only 35 watts per channel into 8 ohms. It also has two large Siemens 15000 uF caps??? It should be twice as powerful as what it is! What were the Germans doing?

The tuner is perhaps a little more interesting than the amplifier as, although it is analogue, it is enabled so that the user can preset  seven stations and access them via the row of small pushbuttons beneath the dial. I’ve only seen something like this before on Bang & Olufsen analogue tuners. Apart from this function, not even the tuner has much going for it — it even failed to detect several of the FM stations that my Pioneer TX-3000 pulled in with ease.

Overall impressions are that these look better in photos than they do in real life, and that they are both average pieces of hifi gear. But again I got lucky, with two bidders pushing the price up $100 more than I expected to get!

3 Comments on “Grundig V-1000 Amplifer & T-1000 Tuner”

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  2. Anonymous says:

    I just bought Grundig T-1000 with price 2700 baht ( ~90 USD). I am very disspoint with this tuner. It cannot lock the station even though I connect Yagi Antenna to this tuner.

  3. Daan Molenaar says:

    how does it sounds? I can’t imagine something like this would sound crap if it was in good working order? I would not say it was clunky build, it was over-engineered -typical German-
    comparable German gear from that era had pretty impressive bandwith range
    this model even had a range of 5-80.000 Hertz ! maybe this explains why it is so heavy build?
    specifically designed to use with turntables if you ask me, that’s why i think you should hook up sensitive speakers to this amplifier!

    i am using a Telefunken hr-5000 right now, very clunky piece of equipment, but the sound is magnificent! mated with a pair of Technics sb-x5, the sound was insane!

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