On the 1st June, 2010, I started off with $50 and decided to see what I would end up on my audio rack after a year of buying and selling classic audio through online auction sites. While the posts are not in chronological order, they will give some indication of profit made during this time. I have kept a complete record of purchase and sale prices, along with many photos which I will post. All of the equipment that is detailed either for sale or on my audio rack has been purchased from profits made since the original starting date.

Along the way, I have learned much about the popularity of (and disdain for) certain brands. I have taught myself some basic maintenance skills and how to best clean up old hi-fi gear. I have also learned alot about selling in the online world, much of which I will endeavour to share.

So take a stroll through the world of classic hi-fi — Japanese, American and European audio — from the 1970s and 1980s. Watch on as I buy and sell my way through a selection of aesthetic and sonic beauties (and some trash), trying desperately not to become a collector.

6 Comments on “About”

  1. Diana says:

    Do you have any idea of the value of Onkyo T-9060. I find it very difficult to look up a selling price.

    • Duffster says:

      Hi Diana

      OK, not much info out there in terms of price of what is a very good (and rare) tuner. Unfortunately, much of the Onkyo Integra line is, in my opinion, very undervalued. It is only worth between US$50 — $100. Remember that it is 30 years old and has limited pre-sets for a digital tuner (and no AM). But I reckon it is one of the best tuners that I have heard and because of this I won’t let mine go.

  2. Abdul Mateen says:

    Technics SU-8099K (sold)
    I would like to buy one of these can you help me find a one. Will pay top dollar for it.

    • Duffster says:

      Only ever seen one of these — very rare, especially down here in NZ (and the one I got came from South Africa). Fabulous amps, though. Good luck in finding one.

  3. jim haddow says:

    Any input on the onkyo integra a8190 integrated amp?

  4. Jr Jesus says:

    Great stuff!! I was wondering if you have schematics for Onkyo Integra a810 amplifier? I have a 220v model and trying to convert to 120v? Not much info on the internet? I could pay you for it or any help I could get? Thanks Jr

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