Pioneer TX-410 Manual and Specifications

For pictures of the Pioneer TX-410, please see here. For a high quality pdf of the manual, please see here: Pioneer TX410 Manual & Specifications.

Kenwood KA-3300D Manual & Specifications

Manual and specifications for the last ever (and possibily the greatest) flagship integrated amplifier that Kenwood produced. See here for a high quality pdf of the manual:  Kenwood KA3300D.

Pioneer SA-510 Manual & Specifications

See here for pictures/photographs of Pioneer SA-510. For a high quality pdf, go here: Pioneer SA510 Manual & Specifications.

Monitor Audio MA-3 Speakers

Literature on one of the greatest speakers ever made. One of my “customers” even offered me a pair of Yamaha NS1000M in exchange for these. I refused…

For more details and a video of these speakers, please go here.



Pioneer Stereo Lineup Dealers Catalogue 1980

One of the perks of buying and selling audio gear is that sometimes you get lucky with printed literature such as manuals and catalogues. This dealer catalogue showing Pioneer’s audio lineup for 1980 was found with a system that I bought from the original owner. Owners who keep manuals, I find, generally treat their equipment very well and this system was museum quality — there was not a mark, scratch or nick on it anywhere.

For a high quality PDF of the catalogue, go here Pioneer Stereo Catalog 1980.