Trio Kenwood KA-1500 Integrated Amplifier

Sold for: $176


Trio/Kenwood silverface equipment often flies beneath the radar and bargains can be had. This model was pretty much bottom of the range but it still fires out a respectable 25 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms. Thick aluminium faceplate and  wacky styling — I’m always intrigued by the way in which the designers of 1970s amps never tried to achieve symmetry in their layouts.  These machines sound pretty damn fine but note that they only take one set of speakers. Comes fully strapped with direct-coupled amplifier stages with Darlington Power modules. Like most ’70s amps, this can drive 4-ohm speakers (something most lower range ’80s amps cannot do).

This particular unit was  delivered to me for free from down country by the owner who was coming up to the big city on vacation. The fascia was in near-mint condition (see photos) but the case was a little rough.  I opened it up as soon as I got it to give the pots and switches a good rinsing. The damn thing smelt like a cat had pissed in it so I left it outside (under shelter) for a few days. The loudness button needed particular attention with some cleaner, as it was very noisy. Remember, its not just the pots that need spraying, its ALL the switches/contacts.

One week later, this got sold back down country to the very town that it had come from!

PS: this model also came in a black face with silver knobs and this version carries a 25% premium in terms of price.

Weight: 8kgs

Dimensions: 390w x 290d x 140h